Fashion Scarfs

Have a cool look everyone will want to copy. Take two scarfs of different colors to coordinate with your skirt, shorts, or jeans. Tuck them in the sides or through belt loops and adjust to different lengths so at least one is almost trailing the ground. Assorted colors. Only $6.95 plus $2.50 S/H

Opium Perfume

Bouvier's Version

Chanel No.5 Perfume

Bouvier's Version

Surgikill DVD

You'll have a lot of fun watching Surgikill. This funky cult film will make you laugh one minute and scare you the next, and then wonder what's really going down. The patients check into Goode Community Hospital, but because of errors, hilarious mishaps, and strange murders the ones that check out are dead. Invite your friends and have a cult party. Special price of $19.95 for limited time plus $2.50 S/H.

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Bouvier's Versions of Chanel No. 5 and Opium Perfumes are my favorite perfumes available in the same style 1/2 oz. spray size bottle.  I wear them both all the time. I've chosen these two because they are real perfumes comparable to the originals and the fragrance stays just as long at a fifth of the price. Only $25.95 plus $2.50 S/H.  ​

Feather Hair Clips

You'll love this look for really cool hair, and you'll get compliments all day long just like I do. Clip them anywhere in your hair or clip on as extensions. Use one or add two more to look really exotic. Assorted colors $4.50 each plus $2.50 S/H. Total $7.00

Long Sexy Feather Earrings

Stylish beyond words! Everyone will be asking where you got them. For pierced ears. Multi colored and only $5.95 a pair plus $2.50 S/H


Get breaking news email updates and a free personally autographed Bouvier photograph with order Or without order, just pay S/H of $5.45

Cult look black fingerless gloves
Needs no explanation.
One size fits all

Only $8.95 and $2.50 S/H

Order three Feather Hair Clips for $12.50

Order two scarfs for $14.50


Hip new hair fashion. Attention grabber wherever you go. Wear out to dinner, to a dance club, a party, a wedding, shopping, or anywhere.

Ravishing look!

Just $16.95 and $2.50 S/H